terça-feira, 3 de junho de 2008

Turmas 61 e 62 .

Trabalho no word de digitaçao e traduçao de textos em Lingua Inglesa.

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Grade 5 and teacher Débora disse...

Grade 5 and teacher Débora
My name is Débora. I'm an English teacher in a public school in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. I and 5th grade students are working on a collaborative blog project in our English classes. Throughout this year we will pos content related to our activities and preferences. My students are 10-13 years old. They are learning English as their second language. We are looking for ePals, who learn English too, anywhere in the world. The aim is to communicate in English, make pen friends and know about life of children in others cities, states or countries. We'd like to correspond by blog and to write at least some time. We hope to find an enthusiastic class and teacher. We look forward to hearing from you. Hope you on our blog!
Then you can join us in this program "Where do I live?"

teacher Débora